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Permaculture offers positive solutions to the looming crisis of peak oil, energy depletion and climate change. It offers a better life and an abundant ecological future.

Permaculture encourages systems-thinking and provides tools for reinventing community and a soft transition to green energy descent.

Permaculture directives can be applied on any scale, in all climate zones,  and improve the triple bottom line - economics, environment and community.

Permaculture views pollution as misplaced energy. We see waste streams as potential profitable opportunities. Permaculture improves trashed environments, harvests water, builds soil and reduces fossil fuel consumption, saves energy.

Permaculture design encourages high yielding sustainable production integrating landscape, people, animals, plants, buildings and community in harmonious soft-energy living systems.

Permaculture proves that by following nature’s patterns, human design successfully preserves and improves productivity by mimicking nature’s self-maintaining systems.

Watch “Greening the Desert” and you’ll get the picture.